USS lNGERSOLL (DD-990) was the twenty-eighth of the thirty-ship SPRUANCE Class Destroyer shipbuilding program that was developed to help maintain America's naval strength into the next century. INGERSOLL was a versatile, multi-mission ship fully capable of operating independently, and as a unit of carrier battle groups. The ship was designed primarily for anti-submarine warfare, and had the most advanced underwater detection and fire control system developed at that time for surface ships. INGERSOLL was also an outstanding platform for shore bombardment, anti-surface ship warfare, and with the addition of Tomahawk missiles, long range strike warfare. INGERSOLL was capable of acting in support of diverse tasks ranging from amphibious assaults to blockades, as well as other traditional destroyer roles.

INGERSOLL was a large ship (more than twice as large as a World War II destroyer) and, as such, could carry a formidable array of weapons and electronic equipment long distances and at high speeds. Four gas turbine engines that produced more than 20,000 horsepower each could drive the ship in excess of 30 knots. The twin controllable, reversible pitch propellers gave the ship an exceptional degree of responsiveness.

INGERSOLL's main battery consisted of two 5-inch/54-caliber guns, which could throw a projectile over 12 miles with a firing rate of 20 rounds per minute. Other weapons included torpedoes, surface-to-air missiles, surface-to-surface missiles, and two helicopters used for both surveillance and long range delivery of airdropped torpedoes.

Built with future growth in mind, INGERSOLL's design was modular in nature, allowing for easy installation of entire subsystems within the ship. Space and power reservations were made to accommodate future weapons and electronics systems as they were developed. This design feature would have allowed INGERSOLL to adapt easily as military technology evolved.

 The USS INGERSOLL (DD-990) and eligible personnel earned the following awards:

USS INGERSOLL (DD-990) was decommissioned 24 July 1998.


USS Ingersoll (DD-990) Crest

Design Characteristics

Admiral Royal Eason Ingersoll

USS Ingersoll (DD-990) Sailors Volunteer in Singapore


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